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  Pahansila-Davis Educational Project

Mr. Kelley Davis of Indiana, USA, contacted Pahansila as he was interested in starting a project to help Sri Lankan students to improve English and Mathematics in addition to the curriculum they learn at school. Because of the diversity of this project from the usual scholarships we give, Pahansila General Coordinating Committee (PGCC) took the responsibility of initiating such classes and building teams in different parts of Sri Lanka. Our goal is to conduct these classes in different cities in the Island maintaining a class-size cap of 20 students, ranging from primary to secondary levels. In 2006 we launched this project by starting two programs in Kandy. Now we have expanded it to 6 projects of English and Math classes. Furthermore under the Pahansila-Davis program we are conducting several special projects, such as improving the facilities at Sarana Sevana children's home, providing new libraries and other facilities to less-privileged schools, providing scholarships for higher studies and vocational training courses for the students who have completed high school etc.

Structure of the Project

Mr. & Mrs. Kelley and Sara Davis (Indianapolis, USA) and Mr. Kyle Davis (Sydney, Australia), the benefactors of the free Math and English classes project, have taken the full responsibility of funding the project. Each area has a local team consisting of supervisors, coordinators, and qualified teachers for English and Mathematics. PGCC maintains savings accounts in Sri Lanka solely for this special project. The account is held jointly between two administrators appointed by the PGCC. The administrators submit bi-annual reports to the PGCC and Mr. Davis. These reports include a summary of financial transactions, progress reports from the teachers and local supervisors.


Kelley & Sara Davis, Indianapolis USA
Kyle Davis, Sydney, Australia

Please click here to see the message from Mr. Kelley Davis

Site Visits and reports:

Site visit 1: October 12-13, 2005
Site visit 2: February 14-16, 2007
Site visit 3: September 12-14, 2007
Site visit 4: August 21-22, 2008
Site visit 5: January 18-20, 2009
Site visit 6: February 7-8, 2010
Site visit 7: August 23-24, 2010

Site visit 8: April 11, 2011


Mr. Nandasena Perera - Kandy administrator of the Interim Committee of PGCC
Mr. V. Subramaniam - Administrator of the Arizona Chapter
Mrs. Erandathi Gunaratne

Progress Reports:

Pahansila-Davis Educational Project. Year-end report 2007

Pahansila-Davis Educational Project. Mid-year report 2007

Pahansila-Davis Educational Project. Year-end report 2006

Pahansila-Davis Educational Project. Mid-year report 2006

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