Danitha Santhupa Punchihewa

Full Name:Danitha Santhupa Punchihewa

Address:C/O Padmini Mallika Gallege, 658, Iluppitiya, Batapola

School: Galle/ Sri Kalyanatissa Vidyalaya, Batapola

Date of Birth: February 11, 1997

Educational Background: Grade 4, A bright child and good in school work. Specially good in Math and drawing.

Source of Income: Laborer. Monthly income of about Rs.750.

Family Background:
Father: Sanath Punchihewa
Mother: Padmini Mallika Gallege- does labor work when available
Only child in the family and parents seek support to continue his education.

Proposed Scholarship Rate: Rs. 500 per month

Project Supervisor:
Need to be identified through the Principal of Kalyanathissa Vidyalaya at 091-2260035

Special Comments: We are in search for a donor to sponsor this needy student. If you are (or anyone you know of is) interested in joining this worthy cause please contact the Pahansila Coordinating Committee. We greatly appreciate your help.