We sincerely thank all our donors for their generous help to the Pahansila Scholarship Project during 2006. We specially acknowledge the pledges made by individual donors. We are truly grateful for all your contributions which make this project a reality.

Our sincere thanks go to our financial administrators and local supervisors in Sri Lanka for their generous help and support given for Pahansila. For all their hard work and dedication in 2006, we sincerely thank our Sri Lankan collaborators Messrs. H.L.N. Perera, Mr. Piyal Wickramarathne, Mrs. Ruwangani Jayasundara, Mrs. S. Bopitiya, Mrs. Anjani Karunaratne, Mrs. Pavitra Lankathilake, Mrs. P. M Anulavathi, Mr. H D R Rathnayake, Mrs. Mallkia Rupasinghe, and Mrs. H. D. L. C Pathinayake.

Our special thanks goes to Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Davis of Indiana and Mr. Kyle Davis of Sydney, Australia, for their kind generosity in funding the Pahansila-Davis educational project and to Mr. H.L.N. Perera, Mr. V. Subramaniam, Ms. Anjani Karunaratne, and PGCC for all their hard work in making it a reality. We also wish to thank Mrs. Erandathi Gunaratne, Mrs. Ruwangani Jayasundara, Mrs. Geetha Dharmasena, and Mr. Sanjaya Herath for their dedicated work in teaching the students.

We are also grateful to Mr. Nadun Senevirathne and Mr. Sanjaya Amarathunge of Toronto chapter for their help in web/e-mail services, and to the PGCC in general, for all the help and advice given. Our appreciation also go to Mr. and Mrs. H.L.N. Perera and Mr. Piyal Wickramarathne for their help in transferring funds to our Sri Lankan accounts in 2006, and for transferring letters and other documents between US West and Sri Lanka.

We welcome you to contact us if you would like to join us in contributing to Pahansila. You can help by becoming a donor, finding needy students, and also by locating local supervisors who can contribute their time to work with us on this project.

We hope that this biannual report satisfactorily documents the progress of the project during the first half of 2006. If you wish to obtain a personal copy of this report on CD, please contact any of the Pahansila Coordinating Committee.

We look forward to another successful year!

Pahansila Coordinating Commitee