It is with great pleasure that we present to you the first biannual report of 2006, which covers in detail the progress and financial records of the Pahansila Scholarship Project of Pahansila US West chapter for the period of January 09 th 2006 to June 31 st 2006.

To date Pahansila West chapter sponsors (nearly) 11 individual students (donors). Details and the documents of these students are given in this report. In spite of the best efforts of the committee and our volunteers in Sri Lanka, documents of some students could not be included in this report. Further, it was difficult to obtain the necessary documents from students of tsunami affected areas. Every effort would be made to include these in our next biannual report of July-December 2006.

A dedicated group of volunteers consisting of 2 financial administrators and 9 supervisors working from Sri Lanka, and 5 committee members in US West, find donors and raise funds to make this noble project possible. However, we are continually seeking ways to improve the efficiency of running the project.

We invite you to visit the Pahansila website at You can learn information of all Pahansila chapters and Pahansila special projects including the Pahansila-Davis project from this website.

We take this opportunity to thank our donors, the volunteers in Sri Lanka, and everyone else who help us in numerous ways to successfully continue this effort and make Pahansila dream a reality for a few promising students whose financial circumstances were threatening to put an untimely end to their education. All of you are at the heart of Pahansila Project and we owe you a very special “thank you” for continuing the concept for the future.

We sincerely hope this report would be sufficient evidence of the generous contributions of our donors and the hard work and commitment of the group of volunteers in helping deserving students in Sri Lanka.

Pahansila Coordinating Committee

Ruwan Jayaweera
Nipunee Jayaweera
Ruchira Sasanka
Nirasha Wellagiriya
Ishika Lokuge