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Pahansila-Davis Educational Project

Pahansila-Davis Educational Project was founded with the kind generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Davis of Indiana and Mr. Kyle Davis of Sydney, Australia, in funding several projects to conduct free Math and English classes to help Sri Lankan students to improve their knowledge in English and Mathematics. Because of the diversity of this project from the usual Pahansila scholarships, Pahansila General Coordinating Committee (PGCC) took the responsibility of working with Mr. Kelley Davis and carrying out these projects. The goal is to conduct these classes in different parts of Sri Lanka with each class consisting of approximately 20 students.

Currently two projects are conducted in Kandy. In future we are planning to start few more projects including a project in Ambalangoda for the benefit of Tsunami affected students. Each project has a local team consisting of supervisors, coordinators, and qualified teachers for English and Mathematics. The administrators submit bi-annual reports to the PGCC and Mr. Davis. These reports include a summary of financial transactions and progress reports from the teachers and local supervisors.

You can learn more about the Pahansila-Davis project from the the Pahansila general website Our special thanks goes to Mr. and Mrs. Kelley Davis of Indiana and Mr. Kyle Davis of Sydney, Australia, for their kind generosity in funding the Pahansila-Davis educational project and to Mr. H.L.N. Perera and Mr. V. Subramaniam, for all their hard work in making it a reality.We also wish to thank Mrs. Erandathi Gunaratne, Mrs. Ruwangani Jayasundara, Mrs. Geetha Dharmasena, and Mr. Sanjaya Herath for their dedicated work in teaching the students and Mrs,. Anjani Karunaratne for her support.

Pahansila-Davis Educational Project Meetings in Kandy and Ambalangoda

Mr. Kelley Davis, the benefactor of the free Math and English classes project, met the administrators, teachers, and the students of the Kandy project at Sarana Sewana children's home. The team discussed about the structure of the project, supervision, financial aspects, and future plans. Mr. Davis reviewed the work done so far in the classes. He was very satisfied with the way the Kandy classes are conducted and wishes to visit Sri Lanka again in September 2006 to supervise the progress of the project.

Mr. Davis also met the coodinators and the English teacher at Ambalangoda in his visit to Sri Lanka. The structure and other important aspects of the project were discussed at this meeting. PGCC plan to start this project in January 2007.

Pahansila-Davis Educational Project Meeting in Urbana-Champaign

Mr. Kelley Davis and his son Alex, visited Urbana-Champaign in January 2006. This visit provided most of the PGCC and Urbana-Champaign committee members the valuable opportunity of meeting Mr. Davis in person. The team discussed about the progress of the project, supervision, financial aspects, and future plans. We are extremely thankful to Mr. Davis and his son for traveling all the way from IN to attend the meeting and the Urbana-Champaign committee for hosting the meeting.

Photos of the meeting