Priyankara Tissa Wijewickrama

Full Name:Priyankara Tissa Wijewickrama

School: Wickramabahu Central College, Gampola

Educational Background: Grade 11

Source of Income: Father is a photographer.

Family Background:
Mother has been sick for a long time and unable to work or care for the family. She is on continuous medication. Father is a photographer. But due to poor health reasons, cannot attend to work to earn a sufficient income. Has to spend most of the income on his wifeís sickness and finds difficult to support his only sonís educational needs.

Proposed Scholarship Rate: Rs. 1000 per month

Project Supervisor:
Mrs Sushila Atapattu,
241-7 Vijaya Mawatha Watapuluwa
Telephone 081-2225243,

Special Comments: We are in search for a donor to sponsor this needy student. If you are (or anyone you know of is) interested in joining this worthy cause please contact the Pahansila Coordinating Committee. We greatly appreciate your help.