Dilukshi Wijekoon

Full Name: W.M. Dilukshi Hemamali Wijekoon

Home Address: Madyama Panthika Niawasa, 15, Walapane

Date of Birth: July 23, 1993

School or Educational Institute: Batagolla Pussadewa Central College, Walapane

Grade or Academic Level: Grade 10

Educational Achievements and Extra Curricular Activities: Grade 5 scholarship exam (2003) – 109 marks. Member of the school band.

Family Details and Income:
Father: M.S.D. Wijekoon. Retired postman.
Mother: M.M. Pathmini Kumarihamy. Unemployed.
Siblings: One brother and one sister. Brother has completed studies and sister is 1 year younger and schooling.

Student's Bank Account: People’s Bank, Nildandahinne

Scholarship Commenced on: January 2008

Donor(s): Shevanthi and Manjula Hettiarachchi, Madison, WI

Monthly Scholarship Amount: Rs.1000
Pahansila Administrative Account: National Savings Bank, Panadura

Project Supervisor:
Vineetha Jayasinghe (Staff, Batagolla Pussadewa Central College, Walapane),
213, Dodandeniya,

Phone: (94) 81 231 5012

Reports and Documents Received: Letter from the scholarship recipient
Letter from the parent
Letter from school authority
Copies of the bank statements
Letter from project supervisor

Remarks from the Committee (current period): Class report was not submitted as term exams were not completed by mid-year. These reports will be sent with year-end progress reports. From 2008, committee decided to make scholarship payments quarterly. Strongly recommend to continue the scholarship in 2009.

Previous Remarks:
2007 July - December: 3rd in the class at most recent term examination with an average of 63.09. Payments were not made as expected by the administrator due to a miscommunication. Therefore the student will get the scholarship for 1 year starting from January 2008.

2007 January - June: Recommend to continue the scholarship