Kawinda Ariyawansa

Full Name: Kawinda Pramod Ariyawansa

Home Address: 122, Nillamba Janapadaya, Nillamba

Date of Birth: August 15, 1998

School or Educational Institute: Nillamba College, Nillamba, Kandy

Grade or Academic Level: Grade 5

Family Details and Income:
Father: Dunuwatte Gedara Chaminda Prasad Ariyawansa. A driver.
Mother: Gayani Shryamala Athugalpe. Unemployed.
Siblings: Two sisters. 5 and 7 years younger.

Student's Bank Account: National Savings Bank, Gampola

Scholarship Commenced on: February 2007

Donor(s): Erandi Lelwala, Reston, VA

Monthly Scholarship Amount: Rs.750 from January 2008
Rs.500 from February 2007

Pahansila Administrative Account: National Savings Bank, Panadura

Project Supervisor:
Anjani Karunaratne,
532/10A, Seibel Place,

Phone: (94) 81 493 3887

Reports and Documents Received: Letter from the scholarship recipient
Letter from school authority
Copies of the bank statements
Letter from project supervisor

Remarks from the Committee (current period): Student sat for the 5th grade scholarship exam. Monthly scholarship amount was increased to Rs.750 from January 2008. From 2008, committee decided to make scholarship payments quarterly. Recommend to continue the scholarship in 2009 and increase the scholarship amount to Rs.1000 per month, depending on the performance at the 5th grade scholarship exam.

Previous Remarks:
2007 July - December: December 2007 payment was not made - need to rectify this error. The donor agreed to increase the scholarship amount to Rs.750 per month from January 2008. The student participated at the meeting held in Kandy for Pahansila recipients with his mother.

2007 January - June: There was a lapse in payments from April-June. These payments were made on June 28th but do not reflect in the bank book copy as it was updated before depositing funds. Recommend to continue the scholarship and increase the scholarship amount to Rs.750.