Lahiruni Herath

Full Name: H.G.H.M. Lahiruni Charunya Herath

Home Address: Thannahenwala, Kumbalgamuwa, Walapane

Date of Birth: June 23, 1995

School or Educational Institute: Batagolla Pussadewa Central College, Walapane

Grade or Academic Level: Grade 8

Educational Achievements and Extra Curricular Activities: Grade 5 scholarship exam (2005) – 125 marks. Has represented school in regional dancing competitions. Has won an award at the Language day (provincial level)

Family Details and Income:
Father: H.G.H.M. Lakshman Herath. Self-employed.
Mother: W.M. Nandalatha Bandara. Unemployed.
Siblings: Two sisters. 4 and 5 years elder and schooling.

Student's Bank Account: People’s Bank, Nildandahinne

Scholarship Commenced on: January 2007

Donor(s): Jayani Perera and Kande Amarasinghe, Latham, NY

Monthly Scholarship Amount: Rs.750 from January 2008
Rs.500 from January 2007

Pahansila Administrative Account: National Savings Bank, Panadura

Project Supervisor:
Vineetha Jayasinghe (Staff, Batagolla Pussadewa Central College, Walapane),
213, Dodandeniya,

Phone: (94) 81 231 5012

Reports and Documents Received: Letter from the scholarship recipient
Letter from the parent
Letter from school authority
Copies of the bank statements
Letter from project supervisor
* A short story written by the student was sent along with progress reports

Remarks from the Committee (current period): Class report was not submitted as term exams were not completed by mid-year. These reports will be sent with year-end progress reports. A co-donor provided extra Rs.250 per month for 2008 to increase the monthly scholarship payment to Rs.750. From 2008, committee decided to make scholarship payments quarterly. Strongly recommend to continue the scholarship in 2009 and increase the monthly scholarship to Rs.1000.

Previous Remarks:
2007 July - December: 1st in the class at most recent term examination with an average of 78.82. Has won an award at the Language day (provincial level). December 2007 payment was not made - need to rectify this error. A co-donor agreed to increase the scholarship amount to Rs.750 per month from January 2008.

2007 January - June: Recommend to continue the scholarship and increase the scholarship amount to at least Rs.1000 ($10) per month. The bank book was last updated in May. However, April-June monthly scholarship payments were made in end June, after we received these letters from the student.