Lakshani Udayangani

Full Name: S.H. Lakshani Tracatia Udayangani

Home Address: 202/A, Lathpandura, Dehiattakandiya

Date of Birth: August 21, 1995

School or Educational Institute: Medagama College, Nawa Medagama

Grade or Academic Level: Grade 8

Family Details and Income:
Father: Deceased (hacked to death by terrorists).
Mother: H.A.D. Premawathie. A vendor.
Siblings: Two brothers. One brother is 7 years younger and school. Other is a priest.

Student's Bank Account: People's Bank, Dehiattakandiya

Scholarship Commenced on: July 2006

Donor(s): Kithsiri Lihinikaduwa, Calgary, ALB, Canada (from January 2008)
Nelum and Daya Weerakkody, Silver Spring, MD (from July 2006)

Monthly Scholarship Amount: Rs.1000 from January 2008
Rs.500 from July 2006

Pahansila Administrative Account: Commercial Bank, Grand Pass

Project Supervisor:
Mangalika Rupasinghe,
Vice Principal, Medagama College,
Nawa Medagama.

Phone: (94) 27 490 0576

Reports and Documents Received: Letter from the scholarship recipient
Letter from the parent
Letter from school authority
Copy of the class report
Copies of the bank statements
Letter from project supervisor

Remarks from the Committee (current period): Obtained an average mark of 79.25 at the 2008 first term exam. School attendance - 82/90 days. Although the project was transferred to the San Francisco chapter from US West chapter, it was transferred back to the Interim Committee under the General Committee. Strongly recommend to continue the scholarship in 2009.

Previous Remarks:
2007 July - December: 54.2 average at the most recent term examination. School attendance is 97%. According to the project supervisor, Lakshani is good at class work. A donor agreed to increase the scholarship amount to Rs.1000 per month from January 2008. The student participated at the meeting held in Dehiattakandiya for Pahansila recipients with her mother. Project will be transferred to San Francisco chapter from 2008 January.

2007 January - June: Recommend to continue the scholarship and increase the scholarship amount to at least Rs.1000 ($10) per month.