Mallika Samarakoon

Full Name: Samarakoon Mudiyanselage Mallika Samarakoon

Home Address: 18, Valgaha Vadiya, Hasalaka

School or Educational Institute: Ranasinghe Premadasa National School, Hasalaka

Grade or Academic Level: Grade 13 (in 2007)

Educational Achievements and Extra Curricular Activities: G.C.E. (OL) exam (2004) – 4Cs and 6Ss.

Family Details and Income:
Father: Deceased.
Mother: D.M. Palingumanike.
Siblings: Two sisters. One sister is unemployed and the other is schooling.

Student's Bank Account: People’s Bank, Hasalaka

Scholarship Commenced on: May 2006

Donor(s): Nipunee and Ruwan Jayaweera, Portland, OR

Monthly Scholarship Amount: Rs.1000

Pahansila Administrative Account: Sampath Bank, Kandy

Project Supervisor:
Pavithra Lankathilake (Staff, Ranasinghe Premadasa National School, Hasalaka),
46/1, Uplands,

Scholarship Terminated on: August 2007

Previous Remarks:
2007 July - December: Project was terminated in August 2007 as the student completed ALs.