Sudesh Sanjeewa Viyanage


Full Name: Sudesh Sanjeewa Viyanage

Home Address: 252, Rajapihilla, Pattiyawatta, Kandy

Educational Level: 2nd year student at the Department of Medicine, University of Peradeniya.

Family Details and Income:
Father: Printer - V. P. Akman Upali
Mother: R. D. Jayathunga

Sponsors: Union '91, Trinity College, Kandy, Sri Lanka

Administration Account: Sampath Bank, Kandy

Scholarship Rate: Rs. 1200 per month

Project Supervisor:
Samudra Bopitiya
St. Sylvesters College,

Commenced Month: June 2006

Documents Received: Letter from Perent
Acknowledgement from Recipient
Copy of Bank Pass Book

Remarks from Committee: Project was transferred to Sri Lanka Chapter. Assigned a new donor.