Kanchana Hewage

Full Name: H.H. Kanchana Dilrukshi Hewage

Home Address: Kaludiya Pokuna Road, Bangamukanda, Godamuna, Pitigala

Date of Birth: August 7, 1994

School or Educational Institute: Bangamukanda Primary School, Pitigala, Galle

Grade or Academic Level: Grade 10

Educational Achievements and Extra Curricular Activities: Member of the college band.

Family Details and Income:
Father: Deceased
Mother: H.H. Rohini Dias Kanthi. Unemployed.
Siblings: Two brothers and two sisters. Brothers are 4 and 7 years younger and schooling. Sisters are 6 and 12 years younger and elder sister is schooling.

Scholarship Commenced on: May 2006

Donor(s): Priyadharshini Obeysekara, Portland, OR (from January 2007)
Lionel Fernandopulle, Miami, FL (from May 2006)

Monthly Scholarship Amount: Rs.1000

Student's Bank Account: National Savings Bank, Pitigala

Pahansila Administrative Account: National Savings Bank, Panadura - from January 2008
National Savings Bank, Kalutara - from May 2006

Project Supervisor:
P.D.A.I. Gajanayake,
Staff, Bangamukanda Primary School,

Reports and Documents Received: Letter from the scholarship recipient
Letter from school authority
Copy of the class report
Copies of the bank statements
Letter from project supervisor

Remarks from the Committee (current period): Placed 3rd in the class at 2008 third term examination and placed 2nd in the class at 2009 first term examination with an average mark of 81.38. School attendance – 116/125 days. Recommend to continue the scholarship.

Previous Remarks:
2008 July - December: Obtained an average mark of 71.33 at the 2008 third term exam. Recommend to continue the scholarship.

2008 January - June: Obtained an average mark of 73.88 at the 2008 second term exam. From 2008, committee decided to make scholarship payments quarterly. However, since May 2008 funds were not withdrawn. Possibly because they are unable to travel to the bank frequently. Recommend to continue the scholarship in 2009.

2007 July - December: 3rd in the class at the most recent term examination with an average of 82.25. December 2007 payment was not made - need to rectify this error. The student participated at the meeting held in Bentota for Pahansila recipients with her mother.

2007 January - June: Recommend to continue the scholarship.