Pahansila News

Renovations to the front hallway area of Sarana Sevana Children's home- June 01, 2009

Renovations to the front hallway area of the Sarana Sevana children's home were completed under Pahansila-Davis Educational Project at a cost of Rs.153,000 (US$1350). Before constructions, the front porch area of the orphanage was not covered and very often the children were exposed to menace from stray dogs and bats. Under this project, we fixed a new door and installed iron grills and protected the hallway area.

Children at Sarana Sevana particiate in a cultural pageant in Kandy town- June 07, 2009

Thanks to the free music and dancing classes conducted at the Sarana Sevana orphanage by Pahansila, the children of the home got the opportunity to participate in a cultural pageant held in Kandy town to celebrate the "Poson Poya day Mihindu Perarhara" - a Buddhist festival. Many dance troupes from almost all schools in Kandy participated in the procession. This is a first time the children at Sarana Sevana participated in a public event.

New sponsorships from Sri Lanka Association (Midwest), St Louis- September 15, 2009

Sri Lanka Association (Midwest), St. Louis started sponsoring 10 scholarships through Pahansila. In the past, they have provided 12 scholarships, which included several tsunami (2004) affected students.

Nutrients food to Sarana Sevana children's home- October 15, 2009

Pahansila started providing nutrients food to Sarana Sevana Children's Home from October 2009. Under this scheme, we provide milk powder and eggs for the consumption of the children on weekly basis. This project is sponsored by Mr & Mrs. Siriniwasa and Lakshmi Gurram of New Jersey.