Dhanushka Upatissa

Full Name: Dhanushka Upatissa

Home Address: Nawa Gurukale, Doluwa, Gampola

Date of Birth: September 12, 1998

School or Educational Institute: Doluwa College, Doluwa

Grade or Academic Level: Grade 4 (in 2007)

Family Details and Income:
Father: A labourer.
Mother: Priyangani Weeratunge.
Siblings: Four siblings.

Scholarship Commenced on: April 2006

Donor(s): Ishara Jeychandran, Toronto, ONT, Canada

Monthly Scholarship Amount: Rs.500

Student's Bank Account: National Savings Bank, Gampola

Pahansila Administrative Account: National Savings Bank, Kalutara

Project Supervisor:
Anjani Karunaratne,
532/10A, Seibel Place,

Phone: (94) 81 493 3887

Scholarship Terminated on: November 2007

Previous Remarks:
2007 July - December: The project was terminated from November 2007.

2007 January - June: Student is from a needy family. However, according to motherís letter most of his scholarship is used for a three-wheeler as Dhanushka has to walk about 1 mile to school. This raise concerns about proper utilization of funds. Furthermore, he has not attended school 19 days during last 6 months. If donor agrees, committee is willing to terminate the project from December 2007. Since we did not receive a recently updated bank book copy, February to June payments does not reflect. However these payments were made.