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  Pahansila General Coordinating Committee

Due to the significant expansion of the project and the growing number of Pahansila chapters, Pahansila General Coordinating Committee (PGCC) was formed in September 2004. The main objective of PGCC is to ensure all chapters comply with the mission and goals of the Pahansila Project, carry out general operational work including informational and promotional activities, assist in coordinating activities between chapters toward mutual benefits, and to ensure the level of activity is standardized across the chapters. However this committee will not be involved in decision making of the Pahansila Regional Committees. Regional Committees retain the right to make their own decisions within the goals and aims of Pahansila.

In addition to these responsibilities, PGCC provides 80 scholarships from donations received from 54 donors through an Interim Committee. Conducting special projects (Pahansila-Davis Educational Project) and organizing meetings with Pahansila scholarship recipients in Sri Lanka are some of the other main responsibilities of PGCC.

Biannual report of the scholarships managed by the Interim Committee:

January 2010-June 2010 Biannual report

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