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  Urbana-Champaign Chapter

Urbana-Champaign chapter is where the concept of Pahansila was perceived. From its humble beginning of sponsoring just 2 students in 2002, after 3 years this chapter sponsored over 70 students, with the generous donations from about 50 donors. Among the scholarship recipients, there were several students affected by the 2004 tsunami devastation. A dedicated group of volunteers consisting of 4 financial administrators and 40 supervisors working from Sri Lanka made this possible.      

However, due to the increase in workload and personnel commitments of the volunteers, Urbana-Champaign chapter has transferred its projects to an interim committee. This chapter has ceased its functions from 2008.

Previous bi-annual progress reports of the Urbana-Champaign chapter

July -December 2006

January -June 2006

July -December 2005

January - June 2005

July - December 2004

January - June 2004

July - December 2003

January - June 2003