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Each Pahansila chapter maintains savings accounts in Sri Lanka solely for Pahansila Scholarship Project. Most of the accounts are held jointly between a Pahansila committee member and a volunteer in Sri Lanka to help administer funds. Each chapter submits bi-annual reports to all donors. These reports include a summary of financial transactions, a personal profile of each student, project summaries, recent updates and news, and remarks from the committee about the progress of the project. The hard copies of the documents and progress reports we receive from Sri Lanka will be mailed to donors every six months, soon after the biannual report is released. These reports include, letters from students, parents/guardians, principals/teachers, and local supervisors of the students as well as copies of class reports and bank statements. Donors are also encouraged to visit the students in person when visiting Sri Lanka.

Pahansila commits to a full year of funding for each student, with the understanding that continued support is subject to availability of funds, and proof of students' academic performance and economic need. Ideally we would continue to assist each child through his or her formal schooling, given a satisfactory academic performance is maintained and documented for our review.

In addition to these direct projects, Pahansila facilitates several more sponsorships for individual donors. Besides laying out the groundwork to match donors and students, we provide any other assistance if required by either party, such as temporary fund transfers and facilitating communications.

For your perusal, detailed information regarding the Pahansila bank accounts in Sri Lanka and current recipients are available from Pahansila committee upon request. Our e-mail is