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  Message from Mr.Kelley Davis

My name is Kelley Davis from Indianapolis. Nearly all my adult life I have been involved in the investment markets, for the last 15 years with Charles Schwab. My view point and goals for this educational project is based upon my career background. First, I do not look at this a charity, but as an investment. Some investments the returns comes to you, other investments the return goes to others.

After several visits to Sri Lanka, I made the decision to invest the Sri Lankan children's lives. Following numerous discussions with Sri Lankan community both inside Sri Lanka and here in the US , I wanted to focus on what investment would have the highest return. I came to believe that the teaching of English, the language of commerce throughout the world, and Math, the language of Science would be my best investment in their lives. Next, I needed to locate local allocators of my investment capital. I choose to work with the Pahansila volunteers, because as academics they knew first hand the importance of a quality education to create opportunities in life. Plus they already had the infrastructure and track record to manage educational project's in Sri Lanka very efficiently.

Kelley Davis
Indianapolis, USA