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  Pahansila meeting in Dehiattakandiya
January 03, 2008


Ishika Lokuge, committee member of Pahansila General Coordinating Committee, met with several Pahansila scholarship recipients, on January 3, 2008. This is the final and third meeting we conducted for 2007/2008 period. All the scholarship recipients (and parents/guardians of them) in the Eastern Province were invited for the meeting. All of them were from Ampara/Nawa Medagama Maha Vidyalaya. The meeting was held at this school from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. The Vice Principal Mrs. Mangailka Rupasinghe, one of the long time Pahansila Supervisors organized the meeting with the help of the staff at Nawa Medagama Vidyalaya.

About 25 guests attended the meeting, including 10 scholarship recipients, their parents/guardians, and the Principal of the school, Mr. Pushpakumara. It was yet another very successful meeting. It also gave us the opportunity to meet recipients & their guardians in person, resolve any problems they might have encountered, and emphasize the importance of maintaining academic and extra-curricular progress for the students. The Principal of the school Mr. Pushpakumara, Mrs. Mangalika Rupasinghe, and Pahansila Administrator Mr. Nandasena Perera addressed the students. Staff of the school provided tea and snacks as breakfast for Pahansila representatives and families attended. Furthermore, our Pahansila volunteers were warmly treated by the staff and the families of scholarship recipients by arranging lunch.

Pahansila General Coordinating Committee wishes to thank our Nawa Medagama volunteers who did a splendid job in organizing the meeting. Also we wish to thank the families of scholarship recipients for arranging lunch for us.

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