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  Pahansila meetings with donors and students
December 30, 2009

A donor of pahansila and the President of Midwest Sri Lanka Association (SLA), met with several Pahansila scholarship recipients, on December 12, 2009 in Kandy and December 29, 2009 in Horana at two separate meetings. There are 10 students sponsored by Midwest SLA and 3 students sponsored by Dr. Herath personally. In addition to these students, few new Pahansila Scholarship recipients joined the meeting. The meetings were organized and convened by Pahansila Committee with the help of our volunteers in Sri Lanka.
Scholarship recipients (and parents/guardians of them) in Central, Sabaragamuwa, and Eastern Provinces were invited to Kandy meeting. The meeting was held at the Sri Vaishakadhana Sangraha Samithya Hall in Kandy town from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. One of our administrators, Mr. V. Subramaniam, coordinated the meeting. There were 22 participants at the Kandy meeting, consisting of scholarship recipients, their parents, donors, and Pahansila volunteers. Dr. Herath and one of our English teachers and a Pahansila supervisor, Mrs. Geetha Dharmasena addressed the students. In addition, a few of the students and some parents spoke to the group. 
Scholarship recipients from Western and Southern provinces were invited for the Horana meeting. The meeting was held at the Don Peddrick School in Horana town from 10:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. One of our Pahansila supervisors, Mrs. Ruwangani Jayasundara, coordinated the meeting. There were over 20 guests at the meeting. Dr. Herath and one of our long time Pahansila supervisor, Mrs. Ratna Perera addressed the gathering. Some students and parents also spoke at the meeting. 
These gatherings gave the opportunity to meet scholarship recipients & their guardians in person, resolve any problems they might have encountered, and emphasize the importance of maintaining academic and extra-curricular progress for the students. Pahansila General Coordinating Committee provided tea and snacks as breakfast and lunch for all the attendees. Furthermore, all scholarship recipients and families attended the meeting received reimbursements for bus fares.

Pahansila General Coordinating Committee wishes to thank our volunteers, Mr & Mrs. Subramaniam, Mrs. Geetha Dharmasena, Mrs. Erandathi Guanratne, Mrs. Ratna Perera family, and Mrs. Ruwangani Jayasundara family, who did a splendid job in organizing the meetings. Also we wish to thank the Principal of Don Peddrick School for providing a classroom free of charge. A very special thanks goes to Dr. Lal Herath for his interest to meet students during the very short visit he made to Sri Lanka. We hope more and more donors will meet the students they sponsor and we are always prepared to arrange meetings between donors and students.

See photos of the Kandy meeting