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  Pahansila-Davis Educational Project site visit - 2007 (second)
September 14, 2007


Pahansila-Davis Educational Project co-benefactor, Mr. Kelley Davis visited Kandy (Sri Lanka) for two days to monitor the progress of the project. This is his third visit since the inception of this special project in 2005. During his visit, he met our volunteers and they took him to Sarana Sevana children's home, Singithi Sevana children's home, Polgollawatte School, and to English and Math classes held at Kallyanodaya Hall, Kandy for G.C.E. Ordinary Level (Grade 11) students. At Sarana Sevana, Mr. Davis got the opportunity to see the recently completed renovations to the kitchen and meet the representatives of the Board of Management of the orphanage. This is his first visit to Singithi Sevana and Polgollawatte School since the project commenced in mid-2007. We are thankful to Mr. Davis for taking time off to supervise the project and also all our Kandy volunteers and the heads of the institutions he visited for all the arrangements.

Photos at OL and AL English classes at Kallyanodaya Hall, Kandy

Photos at Sarana Sevana

Photos at Polgollawatte School

Photos at Singithi Sevana children's home

Photos at the dinner with Pahansila volunteers, hosted by Mr. Davis