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  Sarana Sevana Project

We identified a children's home at Mawilmada, a suburb of Kandy, for the first phase of the project. Free Mathematics and English classes were started in October 2005. In 2008, we started teaching music for the children at the orphanage. In 2010 we added a new program to teach carpentry to older children with the goal of giving a vocational training. Additionally, many more development projects and renovations were done at this facility.

Sarana Sevana Children's Home

Sarana Sevana Children's home is managed by the Sri Lankan government, under the Social Service Ministry. The government allocates Rs.10.00 per day for each student, which is clearly not enough even for a single balanced meal. Hence they mostly depend on the donations received from outsiders and volunteer organizations. The building belongs to a charity organization in Kandy. They support the government with the management.

Matron: Padmini Vidanapathirana
Address: Mawilmada, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Phone number: (081) 222 2514. 

At the inception of the project there were 22 boys in this children's home. The classes are conducted twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays 3-5.00pm. Three classes are conducted for different academic levels of students, grouped as below.

Group A:  Grade 1-5      - 9 students
Group B:  Grade 6,7,8    - 8 students
Group C:  Grade 9,10     - 5 students

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English teacher:

Ms. Geetha Shyamalee Dharmaratne: A trained English teacher at National College of Education at Kalutara, Sri Lanka with 8 years of teaching experience. Ms. Dharmaratne obtained the National Diploma in Teaching after one year internship at Pushpadana College, Kandy. She is currently teaching at Vidyartha College Kandy.

Mathematics teacher:

Mr. Shantha Ranaweera: Presently teaches mathematics for OL students at the Institute of Mathematics.

Music teacher:

Ms. Kumari Mullegama: Currently works at Teachers Training College, Polgolla, Sri Lanka.

Carpentry instructor: 

Mr. Victor Fernando: Carpentry instructor at the Department of Housing

Other Projects Conducted at Sarana Sevana Children's Home:

A new sewage system was constructed. Cost : $400

2007: The kitchen was renovated - Tiled the floor, table tops and installed new cupboards. Cost: $800

2008: Repaired the leaks in the chimney and the kitchen roof. Cost: $100

2008: Entertainment for children: Bought Sri Lankan cricket jerseys to children and took them out for a children's movie. Cost: $200

2008: Bought kitchen appliances and utensils - high performance blender, large rice cooker, cooking woks and few other items. Cost: $200 

2009: The front hallway was renovated - Fixed a new door and installed iron grills. Cost: $1350

2009: Nutrients food to children - Luanched a project to provide eggs and milk powder for the children. Cost (Annual): $350

2010: Bought kitchen utensils - a whole list of utensils required in day to day use. Cost: $250 

2010: Bought gardening tools - a list of tools required for gardening. Cost: $100

2010: Improvments to kitchen area - Intalled an iron grill and a door to the hallway leading to kitchen. Cost: $160

2011: Bought carpentry tools - a list of tools required for carpentry class. Cost: $250

2011: New Year gifts for children: Bought Sri Lankan cricket jerseys to children for Sinhala and Tamil New Year. Cost: $150

2011: Birthday parties: A new event was commenced to celebrate birthdays of the children by having a common birthday party at the end of the month. Annual Cost: $300


Mr. Nandasena Perera
Mr. V. Subramaniam

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