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  Polgollawatte School Project
  Polgollawatte Project is one of the projects that was started under the second phase of Pahansila-Davis Educational Project. During Mr. Kelley Davis’ visit to Sri Lanka in February 2007, Pahansila volunteers in Kandy arranged a tour to visit Polgollawatte Vidyalaya; a less privileged Sri Lankan school. During this visit, Mr. Davis had the opportunity to meet with the Principal, staff, and students at Polgollawatte School.

Polgollawatte Vidyalaya

Polgollawatte Vidyalaya is a government school which has classes from grade 1 to 11. Most of the students attending this school are from low-income families living in the vicinity of the school. There are about 150 students at Polgollawatte Vidyalaya.

Principal: Mr. Nishantha Tennakoon
Address: Polgollwatte Vidylaya, Polgolla, Sri Lanka

We are conducting several programs at Polgollawatte Vidyalaya under Pahansila-Davis Educational Project.

1. Grade 5 class (scholarship exam) - Integrated syllabus

The goal of this sub-project is to prepare grade 5 students for the scholarship examination. This is a national examination conducted by Department of Education, Sri Lankan to provide scholarships for best students to attend schools with better facilities. Our classes will cover the integrated syllabus which includes Math and English lessons. There are 9 students in the class (2007). Classes were commenced in April 2007.

Teacher for grade 5 class:

Ms. K.W.S.I. Sugathadasa and Ms. Indra Kumari.

2. Grade 11 classes G.C.E. (OL) - Mathematics 

The goal of this sub-project is to prepare students for Grade 11 G.C.E. (OL) examination, which is another national examination. This is the first barrier that Sri Lankan students face in their path to higher education. Every student is required to sit the G.C.E. (OL) examination which consists of ten subjects including Math. In addition to grade 11 math class, we simultaneously conduct another math class for grade 10 students with the aim of training them for OL examination 2008. There are altogether 35 students attending classes in 2007. Classes were commenced in May 2007. From 2012, the classes were moved to an outside location giving room for several other needy students attending other schools to participate. The classroom rental is paid by Pahansila.

Teacher for grade 11 Mathematics  (G.C.E. - OL) class:

Ms. Chithrani Abeytunge: Trained Math teacher. Has over 35 years of experience teaching math for OL students.

3. English classes

Two English classes are conducted for students from grade 7 through 11. Although these students are in different academic levels at school, their English knowledge is equally weak. Group 1 students are in grades 7-9 and group 2 students are in grades 10-11. Each class have about 30-40 students. Classes were commenced in June 2007. (English class for grades 7-9 students are being temporarily stopped due to lack of a an instructor)

Teachers for English classes:

Ms. Anoma Dassnayake (Grades 10-11): Trained English teacher. Has over 18 years of teaching experience.

All classes are conducted at least two hours per week by the teachers at Polgollawatte School.

4. New Library 

In January 2008, a new project was launched to provide a library to Polgollawatte Vidyalaya, Polgolla (Kandy) under Pahansila-Davis educational Project. As the first stage, over 340 new books were bought and handed over to the Principal of the school. Additionally, several educational posters and furniture required for the library including a book cabinet, a paper stand, and a notice board were provided. Under the stage one approximately US$700 have been spent. Once the library starts to function, it will be further expanded under the second stage after evaluating the progress.

5. Computer Classes

Soon we are planning to start computer classes at Polgollawatte School. Classes are conducted from Grade 2 to 11. We provided a new computer under Pahansila-Davis Educational Project in 2009. In 2011 another two new computers were handed over to the school at cost of over Rs.80,000. 

6. Marching Band

In 2011 Pahansila donated musical instruments worth of Rs.30,000 to the newly formed marching band of the school. 

7. Sports facilities

In 2011 sponsored the school Volleyball team. We bought balls, nets, volleyball T-shirts and track bottoms to all team members. In 2012 we bought new shoes to all players. Additionally Pahansila donated a high-jump crossbar to the school in response to the request made by the physical training instructor.


Ms. Ruwangani Jayasundara
Mr. Nishantha Tennakoon

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