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  Housing Project to a scholarship recipeint

Geethanjalee is a Pahansila scholarship recipient sponsored by Arizona Chapter. She passed A/L exam with three straight As and currently studying at the University of Peradeniya (3rd Year- Arts).

We were informed by one of our Pahansila Administrators about the condition of her house after paying a visit. (See the letter below). Although building houses is not the core objective of our project, Pahansila General Coordinating Committee decided to help this family.

The old house is beyond reparable. Therefore we decided to build 2 rooms as a living room and a bedroom in front of the existing house. Estimated cost was about $2500. Thanks to generous contributions of our donors we were able to collect $1000 in a very short notice. Along with a Rs.50,000 contribution from Pahansila-Davis Project, we raised a total of Rs.169,000 for this project. Our volunteers in Sri Lanka were able to raise about Rs.50,000 and donations of building material worth Rs.50,000 from local donors. Constructions were commenced on December 2nd 2010 and completed on January 28th, 2011.
A big thank you to all those who contributed for this project.

Photos of the house

Request sent by Pahansila administrator:

I got a letter from the Grama Niladari (Community Representative) at Watapuluwa explaining the pathetic living condition of Geethanjali Wijeratna and her family. In the letter he says that Mr. Wijeratna is a resident of Watapuluwa and a father of 2 children. He is a retired hospital attendent. Whole family depends on his pension. His wife is suffering with swollen joints. Daughter, who is the Pahansila recipient - Geethanjali Wijeratna is a second year University student. The son is taking up A/L exam in August 2010. The family is living in a dilapidated wattle and daub house in their own plot of land. The Government officer requests assistance to build a new house.

In response to his letter, few days back I went to see the house and find whether we could give some assistance to repair the house. There are gaping holes in between the roof and the wall on one side. The roof is propped up on coconut rafters at different places in the middle of the sitting room and bedroom (see attached photographs). The upper portion of the side wall is at 15 degrees tilted towards inside. It is on this wall the main rafter (mudunleeya) has to rest. Now, that is dangerously propped up from below. We took few photographs of all these. When we were there, at one stage rain water was pouring into the room and had to be collected into the only bucket available and thrown out by father and son until the rain ceased. Later the son cut a large plastic bottle, fixed it to the rafter and the water was lead through a hose pipe. Presently the roof is covered with a plastic sheet given by someone.

The girl and mother sleep in a hut outside while father and son live in the open veranda. The books are on a table in the room well covered with paper and plastic bags.

What will happen at the next monsoon rains to this poor family is in the hands of Almighty! Is there a possibility at least to put up two rooms in the vacant area in the same land?

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Housing Project to a scholarship recipeint