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  Singithi Sevana Project

Singithi Sevana Project is one of the programs that were started under the second phase of Pahansila-Davis Educational Project. This children's home is located in a suburb of Kandy, Sri Lanka. During Mr. Kelley Davis’ visit to Sri Lanka in February 2007, he met with Prof. Savitri Kumar and Mrs. Anjani Karunaratne (University of Peradeniya) who proposed a project at this facility and introduced the team. As a result Pahansila started free English classes at Singithi Sevana.

The project was discontinued from May 2008 as the Board of Management of the children's home were able to fund English classes.

This project was monitored by members of Soroptimist International of Kandy. The goal was to improve English language skills of the children which would give them a distinct advantage in the competitive education system that exists in the country and also be of immense value in building their self-esteem. We believe this project provided a strong foundation for developing capable and confident students who will easily adjust to new situations particularly when they are transferred to Sarana Sevana children's home where Pahansila has already commenced English and Math classes under the first phase of Pahansila-Davis Educational Project.

Singithi Sevana Children's Home

Singithi Sevana Children's home began in 1977 with the registration of its management society, Mahanuwara Lamarakshaka Bauddha Samithiya (Kandy Childcare Buddhist Society) as a charitable organization with the government of Sri Lanka recognized under the Income Tax Act No. 39, section (9) (A). At present Singithi Sevana is a home to 33 orphaned and destitute children from ages 2 to 12. 31 students attend Dharmashoka Vidyalaya, a local school, while two under 5 years attend pre-school at the home. These children have been handed to the children's home by Probation and Childcare Department, Sri Lanka. Due to capacity and resource constraints, children that reach the age 12 are transitioned to juvenile orphanages under government supervision. Boys are transferred to Saran Sevana and girls are sent to Jayawickrama Girl's home.

Matron: Indrani Manage
Address: No.3, Dharmashoka Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka
Phone number: (081) 223 4700 

Singithi Sevana web page

English teacher:

Ms. Vasanthi Meegahawatte: A trained teacher with nearly twenty years of teaching experience. She is currently teaching at Lexicon International School, Kandy.


Mrs. Kumari Sangakkara (President, Soroptomists International, Kandy)
Prof. Viru Gunawardane

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